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pharmaceutical organic chemistry 3 notes pdf

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Stereo isomerism
Optical isomerism – Optical activity, enantiomerism, diastereoisomerism, meso compounds
Elements of symmetry, chiral and achiral molecules
DL system of nomenclature of optical isomers, sequence rules, RS system of
nomenclature of optical isomers
Reactions of chiral molecules
Racemic modification and resolution of racemic mixture. Asymmetric synthesis: partial and absolute


Geometrical isomerism
Nomenclature of geometrical isomers (Cis Trans, EZ, Syn Anti systems)
Methods of determination of configuration of geometrical isomers.
Conformational isomerism in Ethane, n-Butane and Cyclohexane. Stereo isomerism in biphenyl compounds (Atropisomerism) and conditions for optical
activity. Stereospecific and stereoselective reactions

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Heterocyclic compounds:
Nomenclature and classification
Synthesis, reactions and medicinal uses of following compounds/derivatives
Pyrrole, Furan, and Thiophene
Relative aromaticity and reactivity of Pyrrole, Furan and Thiophene


Synthesis, reactions and medicinal uses of following compounds/derivatives
Pyrazole, Imidazole, Oxazole and Thiazole.
Pyridine, Quinoline, Isoquinoline, Acridine and Indole. Basicity of pyridine
Synthesis and medicinal uses of Pyrimidine, Purine, azepines and their derivatives

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Reactions of synthetic importance
Metal hydride reduction (NaBH4 and LiAlH4), Clemmensen reduction, Birch
reduction, Wolff Kishner reduction.
Oppenauer-oxidation and Dakin reaction.
Beckmanns rearrangement and Schmidt rearrangement.
Claisen-Schmidt condensation

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