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Pharmacognosy 4th Sem MCQ’s

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Introduction to Pharmacognosy:-
(a) Definition, history, scope and development of Pharmacognosy
(b) Sources of Drugs – Plants, Animals, Marine & Tissue culture
(c) Organized drugs, unorganized drugs (dried latex, dried juices, dried extracts, gums and
mucilages, oleoresins and oleo- gum -resins).

Classification of drugs:-
Alphabetical, morphological, taxonomical, chemical, pharmacological, chemo and sero
taxonomical classification of drugs

Quality control of Drugs of Natural Origin:-
Adulteration of drugs of natural origin. Evaluation by organoleptic, microscopic, physical,
chemical and biological methods and properties. Quantitative microscopy of crude drugs including lycopodium spore method, leafconstants, camera lucida and diagrams of microscopic objects to scale with camera lucida.


1. What that means of Pharmakon ?


B. Drug

C. Knowledge


Ans :- B 

2. Who’s the father of Indian Pharmacognosy?

A. Aristotle

B. Hippocrates

C. Shen Nung

D. Dr. Chandrakant Kotate

Ans :- D

3. Drug is not under the class of organized drug :

A. Leaves

B. Flowers

C. Fruits

D. Gums

Ans :- D

4. What’s that means of Gnosis?

A. Knowledge

B. Science

C. Herbal

D. Drug

Ans :- A

5. Who’s the father of Pharmacognosy?

A. Schmidt

B. Pedanius Dioscorides

C. Shen Nung

D. Hippocrates

Ans :- B

6. The name Pharmacognosy coined in the year ……..

A. 1811

B. 1815

C. 1851

D. 1814

Ans :- B

7. The term pharmacognosy in explain in book…….

A. Medicine

B. Pentose

C. Analecta Pharmacognostica

D. Materia Medica

Ans :- C

8. Mineral originated crude drugs…….

A. Talc

B. Gelatin

C. Silk

D. Coal

Ans :- A

9. Animal kingdom was first written by?

A. Hippocrates

B. Charaka

C. Aristotle

D. Theophrastus

Ans :- C

10. Penicillin was discovered by ?

A. Alexander Fleming

B. William Fleming

C. Flory

D. Calvin

Ans :- A

11. Stem containing crude drugs is …..

A. Honey

B. Ashwagandha

C. Ephedra

D. Ipecac

Ans :- C

12. Bark containing plant drug is ……..

A. Castor

B. Cinchona

C. Mango

D. Mustard

Ans :- B

13. Resin containing crude drug is……

A. Rosemary

B. Linseed

C. Yield

D. Storax

Ans :- D

14. Cocoa butter is adulterated with……

A. Paraffin

B. Lard

C. Lime stone

D. Kokum butter

Ans :- A

15. Almond oil is adulterated with…..

A. Coconut oil

B. Linseed oil

C. Palm oil

D. Cotton seed oil

Ans :- D

16. Prism is presented with……

A. Camera Lucida

B. Swift Ives Camera Lucida

C. Both

D. None

Ans :- A

17. Stomata of senna is ……..

A. Anisocytic

B. Paracytic

C. Diacytic

D. Actinocytic

Ans :- B

18. Type of stomata present in Datura ?

A. Anisocytic

B. Paracytic

C. Diacytic

D. Actinocytic

Ans :- A

19. Leaf based crude drug is…..

A. Belladona

B. Clove

C. Cinchona

D. Vinca

Ans :- A

20. The plant is having multiple stems and shorter height is known as…..

A. Herb

B. Tree

C. Shrub

D. Creeper

Ans :- C

21. Tissue and cells cultured in a liquid medium (without agar) produce a: –

A. Callus culture

B. Suspension culture

C. Inorganic culture

D. Protoplast culture

Ans :- B

22. The traditional healer who practices the unani system is termed as

A. Pharmacist

B. Doctor

C. Vaidh

D. Hakim

Ans :- D

23. Most of the alkaloids have test

A. Sweet

B. Sour

C. Bitter

D. Spicy

Ans :- C

24. Important chemical constituents honey is

A. Glucose

B. Fructose

C. Maltose

D. Invert sugar

Ans :- D

25. Agar is used as

A. Binder

B. Disintegrate

C. Emulsifying agent

D. Preservative

Ans :- C

26. Which of the following is not apart of flower

A. Calyx

B. Bark

C. Corolla

D. Gynoecium

Ans :- B

27. The main function of stomata is

A. Exchange of gases

B. Prepare the food

C. Elongate the roots

D. None of the above

Ans :- A

28. Generally clove is adulterated with…..

A. Mother clove

B. Father clove

C. Clove stalks

D. Mother clove and clove stalks

Ans :- D

29. The cultivation of plant tissue or organ of the plant in artificial nutrient medium is called as…..

A. Genetic engineering

B. Plant tissue culture

C. Hybridization

D. Biotransformation

Ans :- B

30. First transgenic plant ?

A. Potato

B. Tobacco

C. Datura

D. Tomato

Ans :- B

31. Enzyme required to produce protoplast

A. Cellulose and pectinase

B. Pectinase and Zymase

C. Protease

D. Pepsin

Ans :- A

32. Which of the following alkaloid is volatile liquid

A. Papaverine

B. Thebaine

C. Codeine

D. Nicotine

Ans :- D

33. Organoleptic evaluation is also known as……..

A. Microscopic

B. Biological

C. Technical

D. Morphological

Ans :- D

34. It is the average number of palisade cells below on epidermal cells is known as…..

A. Stomatal number

B. Stomatal index

C. Vein islet number

D. Palisade ratio

Ans :- D

35. It is an average number of stomata present in sq. mm of epidermis is known as….

A. Stomatal number

B. Stomatal index

C. Vein islet number

D. Palisade ratio

Ans :- A

36. Percentage which the number of stomata form to the total number of epidermal cells is known as…..

A. Stomatal number

B. Stomatal index

C. Vein islet number

D. Palisade ratio

Ans :- B

37. ……………. Is the area surrounded by the veins?

A. Stomatal number

B. Stomatal

C. Islet

D. Palisade

Ans :- C

38. Which optical instrument, when attach with a component microscope helped drawing microscope images of objects on the paper ?

A. Lycopodium Spore method

B. Camera Lucida

C. Microscope

D. None

Ans :- B

39. Which evaluation, drug are evaluated by means of our sensory organs ?

A. Physical evaluation

B. Chemical evaluation

C. Microscopic evaluation

D. Organoleptic evaluation

Ans :- D

40. The residue remaining after incineration of a known quantity of the air crude drug is know as the ……………………….. of the drug ?

A. Moisture content

B. Ash content

C. Both A and B

D. None

Ans :- B

41. The ………………. must be some material which in both cheap and available in large amount and use to adulterate the original drug.

A. Adulteration

B. Direct adulteration

C. Adulterant

D. Indirect adulteration

Ans :- C

42. Those drug, which obtained from natural sources like plants animals etc. ?

A. Ophthalmic drug

B. Organized drug

C. Crude drug

D. None

Ans :- C

43. Those drug, which are not a part of plant but derived from plants ?

A. Organized drug

B. Unorganized drug

C. Crude drug

D. Both A and B

Ans :- B

44. Which of the following is not a part of sources of drug ?

A. Plant sources

B. Marine sources

C. Mineral sources

D. Taxonomic sources

Ans :- D

45. The study of antigen-antibody reaction is called as……….

A. Pharmacognosy

B. Toxicology

C. Serology

D. Morphology

Ans :- C

46. Purity = ?

A. Quantity

B. Quality

C. Solubility

D. Identity

Ans :- B

47. The mixing of original crude drug partially with other similar looking substances is known as…….

A. Adulteration

B. Adulterant

C. Indirect adulteration

D. Direct adulteration

Ans :- A

48. Which of the following is not a part of crude drug?

A. Senna

B. Opium

C. Coffee

D. Paracetamol

Ans :- D

49. Which classification, drug are arrange in according to their Kingdom, phylum, order, family, genus and species is known as……………..

A. Pharmacological classification

B. Chemical classification

C. Taxonomical classification

D. Chemo-taxonomical classification

Ans :- C

50. …………………. derived from a cod fish ?

A. Coconut oil

B. Linseed oil

C. Cod liver oil

D. Palm oil

Ans :- C

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