You are currently viewing Pharmaceutical Analysis MCQs with Answers pdf Download 2023

Pharmaceutical Analysis MCQs with Answers pdf Download 2023

Download pharmaceutical analysis MCQs with answers pdf for b pharmacy 1st semester. These pharmaceutical analysis MCQs with answers pdf are very useful for the b pharmacy students for their board final examination.

All the b pharm pharmaceutical analysis 1 multiple choice questions are prepared by renowned professors from different universities in India. These  pharmaceutical analysis MCQs with answers are very much important for the exam purpose.

In this article , we will provide most important pharmaceutical analysis MCQs with answers. We provide 10 MCQs from each of the units of b pharm 1st semester pharmaceutical analysis.

pharmaceutical analysis mcqs with answers
Pharmaceutical analysis mcqs with answers

Download Pharmaceutical Analysis MCQs with Answers

Pharmaceutical Analysis & Errors MCQs

1. Which one always acts as oxidizing Agent

(A) HNO3
(B) MnO2
(C) H202
(D) SO2

Ans. A) HNO3

2. In Column chromatography, the Stationary phase is made of…. And the mobile phase is made of….
(A) Solid, liquid
(B) Liquid, liquid
(C) Liquid, gas
(D) Solid, gas

Ans. A) Solid, liquid

3. In a measurement, what is the term Used to specify the closeness of two or more measurements
(A) Precision
(B) Accuracy
(C) Fidelity
(D) Threshold

Ans. A) Precision

4. Gas chromatography can be performed In one of the following ways
(A) Only in columns
(B) Only on plane surfaces
(C) Either in columns or on plane surfaces
(D) Neither in columns nor on plane Surfaces

Ans. A) Only in columns

5. In chromatography, the stationary Phase can be….. supported by Solid
(A) Solid or liquid
(B) Liquid or gas
(C) Solid only
(D) Liquid only

Ans. A) Solid or liquid

6. In Gas-liquid phase chromatography, The stationary phase is composed of ……And the mobile phase is made of……
(A) Solid, liquid
(B) Liquid, liquid
(C) Liquid, gas
(D) Solid, gas

Ans. C) Liquid, gas

7. Using the normality equation normality of An unknown solute is determined By using the relation
(A) N1 V1 =V2N2
(B) V1 V2=N1 N2
(C) N1/V2=V1/N2
(D) N2=N1V1/V2

Ans. D) N2=N1V1/V2

8. In which of the following type of paper, chromatography does the Mobile phase move horizontally over a Circular sheet of paper
(A) Ascending paper chromatography
(B) Descending paper chromatography
(C) Radial paper chromatography
(D) None of the above

Ans. C) Radial paper chromatography

9. Which current is measured in Amperometric titrations
(A) Diffusion current
(B) Kinetic current
(C) Limiting current
(D) Residual current

Ans. A) Diffusion current

10. No moles of solute dissolved per Liter of the solution are called
(A) Molarity
(B) Normality
(C) Molality
(D) Mole fraction

Ans. A) Molarity

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Acid Base and Non-aqueous Titrations MCQs

1. Which sentence is false about the Henderson-Hassel Balch equation
(A) It is used to determine the pKa value of X solutions
(B) the pH of solutions containing comparable and appreciable conc. of a conjugate acid-base pair to the ratio of their Concentrations
(C) It is used to calculate the valency of the molecule
(D) pH = PKA +log [conjugated base]/[conjugated acid]

Ans. C) It is used to calculate the valency of the molecule

2. Diazepam is Assay by which method
(A) Acid-base titration
(B) Non-aqueous titration
(C) Karl Fischer titration

Ans. B) Non-aqueous titration

3. An assay of boric acid is done by
(A) Direct titration (Alkalimetry)
(B) Direct titration (Acidimetry)
(C) A and B
(D) None of the above

Ans. A) Direct titration (Alkalimetry)

4. Which is an example of a Protophilic solvent
(A) H2S04
(D) Benzene

Ans. B) KOH

5. Which of the following salts has no water for Crystallization
(A) Blue vitriol
(B) Washing soda
(C) Baking soda
(D) Gypsum

Ans. C) Baking soda

6. Which indicator gives yellow colour in basic Medium
(A) Crystal violet
(B) Crystal violet
(C) Oracet Blue B
(D) Thymol blue

Ans. D) Thymol blue

7. What is the concentration of the sulphuric Acid solution, if 100 ml of the solution is neutralised by 50? ml of 0.5 M Ba(OH)2 solution
(A) 0.25 M
(B) 50 M
(C) 0.5 M
(D) 100 M

Ans. A) 0.25 M

8. Methyl orange is
(A) Pink in acidic medium, yellow in basic medium
(B) Yellow in acidic medium, pink in basic medium
(C) Colourless in acidic medium, pink in basic medium
(D) Pink in acidic medium, colourless in basic medium

Ans. A) Pink in acidic medium, yellow in basic medium

9. Which compound is Titration are carried out By non-aqueous Titration
(A) Organic acids
(B) Organic bases
(C) A and B
(D) None of the above

Ans. C) A and B

10. How many percentages of acetic acid in or act Blue B
(A) 0.3% W/v
(B) 0.5 % w/v
(C) 0.2% w/v
(D) 0.1% w/V

Ans. B) 0.5 % w/v

Different Types of Titrations

1. The compound was not assayed by Complex metric titration
(A) Magnesium trisilicate
(B) Sodium calcium edetate
(C) Calcium lactate
(D) Progesterone

Ans. B) Sodium calcium edetate

2. Mordant Black II indicator used in
(A) Complex metric titration
(B) Precipitation titration
(C) Non-aqueous titration
(D) Acid-base titration

Ans. A) Complex metric titration

3. Ammonium fluoride is a masking agent used for
(A) Aluminium
(B) Copper
(C) Iron
(D) Heavy metals

Ans. C) Iron

4. Which one of the following indicators are used in Complex metric titration
(A) Methyl orange
(B) Phenolphthalein
(C) Catechol violet
(D) Crystal violet

Ans. C) Catechol violet

5. Which sentence is false about masking agent
(A) NH4F is a masking agent
(B) These reagents form complexes with interfering ions which are more stable than complexes with indicators & EDTA
(C) It is reagents which prevent interfering ions from reacting without physical separation
(D) This is a reagent which regains the ability of masked ion to enter the reaction with Ind and EDTA

Ans. C) It is reagents which prevent interfering ions from reacting without physical separation

6. Metal ions solution in a buffer is titrated with
(B) Non-aqueous solvent
(C) Water
(D) All of the above

Ans. D) All of the above

7. Which sentence is false about Complex metric titration
(A) It is formed natural molecule
(B) The anion is first precipitated with a metal cation in indirect titration
(C) The anion and natural molecule is
known as ligand
(D) It is used to study compound solubility

Ans. D) It is used to study compound solubility

8. Assay of Magnesium trisilicate is
(A) 0.05 M did. edetate
(B) 0.1 M did. edetate
(C) 0.01 M did. edetate
(D) 1 M did. edetate

Ans. A) 0.05 M did. edetate

9. If acidic solutions are used in the Mohr method
(A) Chromates ion is decreased
(B) Chromates ion is increased
(C) A and B
(D) None of the above

Ans. A) Chromates ion is decreased

10. Which analytical method is based on the Weight of the PPT
(A) Acid-base Titration
(B) Complex metric Titration
(C) Precipitation titration
(D) Gravimetry

Ans. D) Gravimetry

Redox Titrations MCQs with Answers

1. The loss of hydrogen atoms by an element is Called
(A) Hydrogenation
(B) Oxidation
(C) Reduction
(D) Sublimation

Ans. B) Oxidation

2. Oxidation is also referred to as
(A) Combustion only
(B) Respiration only
(C) Transpiration
(D) Combustion and respiration

Ans. D) Combustion and respiration

3. Which of the following represents a redox Reaction
(A) NaOH+ HCl—–> NaCl+ H20
(B) BaCl2+ H2S04—–> Bas04+ 2HCI
(C) CuS04+ 2H20—–> Cu(OH)2 +H2S03
(D) Zn+2HCl——> ZnCl2 +H2

Ans. D) Zn+2HCl——> ZnCl2 +H2

4. Hydrogen (H2) is used for making
(A) Margarine only
(B) Ammonia only
(C) Salts
(D) Margarine and ammonia

Ans. D) Margarine and ammonia

5. Oxidation is the same as…
(A) Addition of hydrogen
(B) Removal of oxygen
(C) Addition of oxygen
(D) Removal of Nitrogen

Ans. C) Addition of oxygen

6. SnCl2+ 2FeCl2 —-> SnCl4+ 2FeCl2 is an example…..Of reaction
(A) Only oxidation
(B) Only reduction
(C) Redox
(D) Neither Oxidation nor reduction

Ans. C) Redox

Electrochemical Methods of Analysis MCQs

1. The other name for dropping mercury electrodes is
(A) Macro electrode
(B) Reference electrode
(C) Microelectrode
(D) None of the above

Ans. C) Microelectrode

2. Biamperometry titrations are used to Determine
(A) Alcohol
(B) Water
(C) Ether
(D) Glycol

Ans. B) Water

3. An example of an indicator electrode is
(A) Hydrogen electrode
(B) Saturated calomel electrode
(C) Glass electrode
(D) Silver-Silver chloride electrode

Ans. C) Glass electrode

4. When the hydrogen electrode is dipped in a Standard acid solution it acts as
(A) Microelectrode
(B) Dropping mercuric electrode
(C) Reference electrode
(D) Indicator electrode

Ans. C) Reference electrode

5. The applied voltage can be changed by using
(A) Potentiometer wire
(B) Galvanometer wire
(C) Ammeter wire
(D) Current wire

Ans. A) Potentiometer wire

6. Which of the following electrodes can be used over a wide pH range
(A) Hydrogen electrode
(B) Glass electrode
(C) Saturated calomel electrode
(D) Silver- Silver chloride electrode

Ans. A) Hydrogen electrode

7. From the current-voltage curve, we get Information regarding
(A) Electrolyte of the solution
(B) Nature of the material
(C) Concentration of the material
(D) Both b & c

Ans. D) Both b & c

8. Conductivity is inversely proportional to Which parameter
(A) Potential
(B) Current
(C) Voltage
(D) Resistance

Ans. D) Resistance

9. The potential of metal electrode is measured At a temperature of
(A) 25°c
(B) 35°c
(C) 45°c
(D) 65°c

Ans. A) 25°c

10. Antimony electrode is an example for
(A) Reference electrode
(B) Indicator electrode
(C) Residual electrode
(D) Kinetic electrode

Ans. D) Kinetic electrode


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