HAP Notes pdf 2nd Semester 2022

Here we are providing HAP notes pdf for B Pharmacy 2nd semester.Human Anatomy and Physiology II is the B Pharmacy 2nd Semester mandatory subject.

Download all the chapters of Hap Notes Pdf of b pharmacy 2nd semester. You can understand all the topics or chapters easily.

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hap notes pdf 2nd semester

Download hap notes pdf for 2nd semester

we have systematically provide you the human anatomy and physiology for b pharmacy.

B Pharmacy 2nd Semester Human Anatomy and Physiology including Vast syllabus. 

That syllabus regarding hap Notes Pdf covered all the topics, Which are easy to download from below.

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Nervous system Organization of nervous system, neuron, neuroglia, classification and properties of nerve fibre, electrophysiology, action potential, nerve impulse, receptors, synapse, neurotransmitters. Central nervous system: Meninges, ventricles of brain and cerebrospinal fluid.structure and functions of brain (cerebrum, brain stem, cerebellum), spinal cord (gross structure, functions of afferent and efferent nerve tracts,reflex activity)

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Digestive system Anatomy of GI Tract with special reference to anatomy and functions of stomach, ( Acid production in the stomach, regulation of acid production through parasympathetic nervous system, pepsin role in protein digestion) small intestine and large intestine, anatomy and functions of salivary glands, pancreas and liver, movements of GIT, digestion and absorption of nutrients and disorders of GIT.

Energetics Formation and role of ATP, Creatinine Phosphate and BMR.

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Respiratory system Anatomy of respiratory system with special reference to anatomy of lungs, mechanism of respiration, regulation of respiration

Lung Volumes and capacities transport of respiratory gases, artificial respiration, and resuscitation methods.

Urinary system Anatomy of urinary tract with special reference to anatomy of kidney and nephrons, functions of kidney and urinary tract, physiology of urine formation, micturition reflex and role of kidneys in acid base balance, role of RAS in kidney and disorders of kidney.


Endocrine system Classification of hormones, mechanism of hormone action, structure and functions of pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, adrenal gland, pancreas, pineal gland, thymus and their disorders.


Reproductive system Anatomy of male and female reproductive system, Functions of male and female reproductive system, sex hormones, physiology of menstruation, fertilization, spermatogenesis, oogenesis, pregnancy and parturition

Introduction to genetics Chromosomes, genes and DNA, protein synthesis, genetic pattern of inheritance

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