You are currently viewing B Pharmacy 1st Year Human Anatomy and Physiology Notes pdf

B Pharmacy 1st Year Human Anatomy and Physiology Notes pdf

Get your B Pharmacy 1st year human anatomy and physiology notes pdf . This will help the pharmacy students to get good marks in their university examination. We have provided B Pharmacy 1st and 2nd semester notes here. All the notes are prepared by experienced professor from all around the India. 

Download B Pharmacy 1st year human anatomy and physiology handwritten notes pdf for 1st semester. All the notes available on this website are free to download and easy to understand. This will provide you a nice overview to prepare for the final examination.


Introduction to Human Body 
Definition and scope of anatomy and physiology, levels of structural organization and body systems, basic life processes, homeostasis, basic anatomical terminology. 

Cellular Level of Organization 
Structure and functions of cell, transport across cell membrane, cell division, cell junctions. intracellular signalling pathway activation by extracellular signal molecule, Forms of intracellular signalling: a) Contact-dependent b) Paracrine c) Synaptic d) Endocrine 

Tissue Level of Organization 
Classification of tissues, structure, location and functions of epithelial, muscular and nervous and connective tissues. 

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Integumentary System Structure and functions of skin 

Skeletal System Divisions of skeletal system, types of bone, salient features and functions of bones of axial and appendicular skeletal system Organization, physiology of muscle contraction, neuromuscular junction 

Joints Structural and functional classification, types of joints movements and its articulation 


Body, Fluids and Blood Body fluids, composition and functions of blood, hemopoiesis, formation of haemoglobin, anaemia, mechanisms of coagulation, blood grouping, Rh factors, transfusion. 

Lymphatic System Lymphatic organs and tissues, lymphatic vessels, lymph circulation and functions of lymphatic system


Peripheral Nervous System Classification of the peripheral nervous system: Structure and functions of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Origin and functions of spinal and cranial nerves. 

Special Senses Structure and functions of eye, ear, nose and tongue and their disorders. 


Cardiovascular System 
Heart – anatomy of heart, blood circulation, blood vessels, structure and functions of artery, vein and capillaries, cardiac output, cardiac cycle. Regulation of blood pressure, pulse, electrocardiogram and disorders of heart. 

Download B Pharmacy 1st year Human Anatomy and Physiology Notes pdf

We are providing B Pharmacy 2nd semester Human anatomy and physiology notes. The notes are very helpful to the pharmacy students. You can download B Pharmacy 1st year human anatomy and physiology notes pdf with one click.

All the study materials are prepared by experienced faculty from the various institutions of India. B Pharmacy 1st year human anatomy and physiology study notes pdf consist of both the 1st semester and 2nd semester of b pharma. 


Nervous system Organization of nervous system, neuron, neuroglia, classification and properties of nerve fibre, nerve impulse, receptors, synapse, neurotransmitters.  

Central nervous system: Meninges, ventricles of brain and cerebrospinal fluid. Structure and functions of brain (cerebrum, brain stem, cerebellum), spinal cord  


Digestive system Anatomy of GI Tract with special reference to anatomy and functions of stomach, anatomy and function of salivary gland, pancreas and liver, movements of GIT, digestion and absorption of nutrients and disorders of GIT. 

Energetics Formation and role of ATP, Creatinine Phosphate and BMR. 


Respiratory system Anatomy of respiratory system with special reference to anatomy of lungs, mechanism of respiration, regulation of respiration 

Urinary system Anatomy of urinary tract with special reference to anatomy of kidney and nephrons, functions of kidney and urinary tract, physiology of urine formation, micturition reflex and role of kidneys in acid base balance. 

Unit-4(available soon)

Endocrine system Classification of hormones, mechanism of hormone action, structure and functions of pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, adrenal gland, pancreas, pineal gland, thymus and their disorders. 


Reproductive system Anatomy of male and female reproductive system, Functions of male and female reproductive system, sex hormone, physiology of menstruation, fertilization, spermatogenesis, oogenesis, pregnancy and parturition. 

Introduction to genetics Chromosomes, genes and DNA, protein synthesis, genetic pattern of inheritance 


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