B Pharm Human Anatomy and Physiology notes (1st Semester)

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B Pharm Human Anatomy and Physiology Notes(1st year)

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b pharm human anatomy and physiology notes

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Introduction to Human Body
Definition and scope of anatomy and physiology, levels of structural organization and body systems, basic life processes, homeostasis, basic anatomical terminology.

Cellular Level of Organization
Structure and functions of cell, transport across cell membrane, cell division, cell junctions. General principles of cell communication, intracellular signaling pathway activation by extracellular signal molecule, Forms of intracellular signaling: a) Contact-dependent b) Paracrine c) Synaptic d) Endocrine

Tissue Level of Organization
Classification of tissues, structure, location and functions of epithelial, muscular and nervous and connective tissues.



Integumentary System Structure and functions of skin

Skeletal System Divisions of skeletal system, types of bone, salient features and functions of bones of axial and appendicular skeletal system Organization of skeletal muscle, physiology of muscle contraction, neuromuscular junction

Joints Structural and functional classification, types of joints movements and its articulation

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Body, Fluids and Blood Body fluids, composition and functions of blood, hemopoeisis, formation of hemoglobin, anemia, mechanisms of coagulation, blood grouping, Rh factors, transfusion, its significance and disorders of blood, Reticulo endothelial system.

Lymphatic System Lymphatic organs and tissues, lymphatic vessels, lymph circulation and functions of lymphatic system


Peripheral Nervous System Classification of peripheral nervous system: Structure and functions of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Origin and functions of spinal and cranial nerves.

Special Senses Structure and functions of eye, ear, nose and tongue and their disorders.


Cardiovascular System
Heart – anatomy of heart, blood circulation, blood vessels, structure and functions of artery, vein and capillaries, elements of conduction system of heart and heart beat, its regulation by autonomic nervous system, cardiac output, cardiac cycle. Regulation of blood pressure, pulse, electrocardiogram and disorders of heart.

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